Blodeuwedd illustrations I did last term.

1 & 2: Gwydion’s englyn to Lleu, who is of course an eagle shedding his feathers. (The bark looks so realistic I’d forgive you for thinking that you were looking at an actual tree)
3: Lleu after the attempt on his life (I forgot the eagle’s face and a post so watch out, that roof might cave in)
4: Blodeuwedd transforming into an owl because she was a rather naughty girl and if there one thing Gwydion got it punishment, dawg.

Can you tell illustration is not my thang?

My niece’s birthday is July 31st and she’s turning eleven so I made her this.

I was going to arrange for her to stay in a rickety old shack in the middle of the sea and be stalked by a giant as her cousin gets given a pig tail, then get the giant to present her with a cake and take her away from her guardians with little to no explanation but I’m skint.

Unfortunately the ink ran on ‘Hogwarts’ and I spelt necessary wrong (I blame the pressures of trying to write evenly on painted paper with ink that may blur at any moment, just try not to look at it). But my niece won’t mind, she once wrote me a letter saying “good luck in youni”